Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Katerina Trilogy Book One: The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges

It’s 1888 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and royal debutante Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, should be concerned with balls, her studies at school, and attracting a rich and powerful husband. Instead she’s trying to hide her necromancy from her family. It’s a dark secret – and a dark power. One best kept to oneself. But Katerina accidentally raises a corpse – or two. Once her secret is out, various powers within the Russian aristocracy scheme to involve her in their intrigues against the crown. Katerina strives to remain loyal to the tsar, but that path may lead to the death of everyone she loves. 

The Gathering Storm is a historical paranormal novel rich in detail and description. Katerina is an interesting character, quite headstrong and unique for her time. The fantasy/paranormal aspect of the novel develops gradually, slowly seeping into the realism of the plot. And yes, there’s romance - an unwanted suitor and an impossible no-win love situation. The ending leaves some loose ends, but that’s not unexpected with a series. Overall, this was an enjoyable read, and something a little different for fans of paranormal romance. 

By the way, Book One will leave you wanting Book Two, which won't be published until October 2012. To keep up with the author's latest news while you're waiting, check out her blog or friend her on Goodreads!

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